Why Should You Write?

Why should you write? Because you can! Pure and simple. And when I say you can.. I mean you can. Think about it. You took an English class every semester of every public school year for TWO DECADES!!

Now all you need is the courage to let your thoughts be known… and let me make it easier for you now… to the paying public!


You’ve everything to gain by writing… BUT… ONLY… IF YOU LOVE IT!!!

If you don’t love writing, please leave this blog post now. I cannot help you.

If you are still here, here are 8 unorthodox thoughts about writing:

1. Charge What You Are Worth
So, how much time does it take the average reader to finish a book? That many hours… however many it turns out to be for you… is most likely going to be a lot less time than the number of hours it took to write that book. And if you think about it, maybe writing it even took years! This is why I do not understand the “humility” or the “modesty” with which authors seem to insist upon as the backbiting determinant of how much to charge for their books… including ebooks; I posit a new way of looking at this dilemma. Rather than choose to be seen as the humble writer practically giving your skill and talent away for free in some attempt at showing appreciation for the fact popularity is your goal… why not seek only the enjoyment you have brougth your readers. Pure and simple. And charge appropriately for it! I want to write for the rest of my life. I enjoy it thoroughly. Why should it not bring me the income required for me to live the life of my dreams!? So yes! I will charge what I feel I’m worth, and sincerely… thank you for the readership! ~TBoan

2. Write About Things You Hate
This might seem counter-intuitive to what I said earlier about loving to write… but rather than sticking to just writing about what you enjoy, challenge your skills by also writing about things you dislike or even outright loath! Skill expansiveness equates to general flexibility and believable confidence in story-telling.

3. Grow Through New Experiences or Memories
Rather than relying solely on your vivid over-active imagination, draw inspiration for your writing from your own real-life experiences and memories. If you feel your life is too dull or ordinary to provide good story catalyst… make an effort to experience new and also uncomfortable situations that can provide fresh perspective on old thoughts and feelings.

4. Find Your Unique Voice
Developing your own distinctive writing style and voice allows readers to hear your personality coming through… your trials and tribulations and how you successfully navigated them in your life comes through via your speech and thus your writing style. Don’t just mimic proper grammar and syntax – inject your opinions, emotions, and overall I N D I V I D U A L I T Y into how you write!

5. Defy Writing Trends
When everyone else is jumping on some popularity trendy-topic bandwagon… consciously go against that infernal grain! Write what you want to write about rather than chasing trends out of fear of missing out on some that as-of-yet unsaturated niche-of-the-day territory you see everybody else cleverly trying to outmaneuver each other regarding. NO! Rather… provide escapes from popular narratives; remember… you LOVE WRITING! Show that.

6. Write Frequently, Even If It’s Bad
Don’t allow demotivation to set in, even if everything you write isn’t all-that-in-a-hat-and-a-bag-o’-potato-chips-too… yet! The more you write, the more you’ll improve; simply put… consistent writing keeps your skills sharp.

7. Focus on Being Helpful
Every now and then reframe your self-expressive writing-mind as an act of providing value by being helpful to readers. Selfless, helpful writing with meaning tends to resonate more, especially if it draws from relatable personal experiences.

8. Collaborate with Other Writers
Bouncing ideas off your writer friends can get you motivated or inspired. Hearing suggestions can reinvigorate your otherwise “comfort-zone” writing. Expressing different subjects authentically, even in fiction, often includes the perspectives of other real people. Creativity is the ever-increasing productive sum of all things we value… especially each other!


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